5 tips for creating the perfect guest list for your wedding

You already have the date and the venue chosen… now it’s time to send the invitations! This process, although it should be full of hope, could become a difficult and stressful time. Therefore, we give you five tips to prepare the perfect guest list for your wedding.

  1. What kind of wedding do you want?

Do you dream of an intimate wedding or surrounded by hundreds of people? If you’re looking for an intimate wedding, you should probably stay under a hundred guests. Still, one of the most important factors when choosing the number of attendees you want to attend your wedding is the budget. Although the price per guest is usually lower for more guests, the total outlay will inevitably be higher the greater the number of people. On the other hand, make sure that the chosen place can accommodate all those you have on the list. For this you will have to have the necessary space for the cocktail, for the diner time and for the dance.

  1. Hierarchy is a fundamental factor

There are several ways to rank the first draft of your guest list. The most common and the one that saves you from commitments is to start with the closest relatives, followed by the closest friends and continue expanding as they move away from our closest circle. However, attachment or affection is not always directly proportional to the degree of kinship. Maybe that high school friend you see once a year has a special bond with you, and that’s why you don’t want him to miss your wedding day. In this sense, we propose a second hierarchical order «only for braves». You will have to ask yourself the question: Who do I want to accompany me on this special day? This, of course, is a completely personal decision, and takes into account many external factors. For example, the need to please our parents or relatives (I’m sure they also have suggestions on that list). The decision, in the end, is yours alone.

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  1. Infants, yes or no?

Some couples decide that children will not attend their wedding. We advise that this be reflected in the invitation, so as not to bring surprises. Find a kind way to express it and accompany it with a personal message or a phone call to make the news more bearable. Keep in mind that while some parents will be delighted with the idea, others may feel offended or find it difficult to know who to leave them with during your celebration.

  1. Forecast a decline percentage

Approximately 15% of the guests will not attend. So you can count on that margin when sending invitations. Of course, try not to overdo it too much, because, although it is not usual, it could be the case that each and every one of them attends.

  1. Remember that the wedding is yours

It is impossible to please everyone. There will be sympathetic uninvited people. Others not so much. Perhaps your parents understand that their wedding has already taken place and this is only yours. However, others insist on taking part in the elaboration of your list (with justified reason or not). In any case, it is your job to decide how far you want to give. And in short, the question is only one, does this decision make me happy? If the idea of ​​pleasing your parents or a distant cousin by sending out a few engagement invitations, thereby extending your initial budget, gives you inner peace, then go for it! But if it makes you feel coerced and makes you less excited about your big day, a “No” on time may be the best solution.

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