«Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning»

Gloria Steinem once said «dreaming, after all, is a form of planning». Although this phrase was quoted in a completely different context, we have taken the liberty of using it to head this manifesto, because we believe it perfectly defines our work. Because all begins with that, a dream, a desire, a visualization of the ideal scenery, the perfect music, the perfect menu, and a long list of particularities that will give a wedding or an event the sought-after identity, even needed, so that the final result manages to define and represent the essence of the hosts. Thus, that authenticity will be in charge of «capturing» the guests, infecting them with that illusion and achieving the essential icing on the cake in any celebration: good energy.

Behind Vows Events Planning there is a great team that will transform for each wedding and event according to the needs. Photography, video, floral styling, furniture rental, catering, performance, music, lighting, hairdressing, makeup, printing, mapping, and of course, design and organization (the latter carried out by the undersigned) are just some of the component parts. Each professional will be fully involved in each project. We will combine our effort and know-how with harmony and precision. Together we will imagine, plan and develop each event until we achieve the dreamed result.