Weddings on the beach: 8 tips to get married in front of the sea without mishaps

Who has not dreamed of getting married in front of the sea? The open air, the warmth of the sand and the song of the seagulls hovering over the immense ocean make the beach the perfect setting to celebrate mutual love. That is why coastal cities are one of the most popular destinations for wedding planners. Now, the image we have of a ceremony on the beach does not always correspond to reality, since external factors influence that must be properly managed so that the happy day takes place without mishaps, and both the couple and the guests can enjoy the idyllic setting without suffering the consequences of an inadequate organization. So take a pencil and paper, and take note of the eight tips that you should keep in mind:


Despite what we have seen in the photographs of weddings on the beach, the truth is that most of the coasts are not deserted, especially if you have decided to get married on the Costa del Sol. sand, we recommend that you choose a cove that is not very crowded, to avoid having many vacationers a few meters from the altar.

If for the banquet you have chosen a beach restaurant or Chiringuito, in general they usually have a private area in the sand that you can probably use for the ceremony. Even so, we recommend in this case that when choosing a restaurant, in addition, of course, taking into account the culinary offer and other factors, try to avoid those that are on the «fashionable» beaches or the central ones, since that these will be the ones that concentrate the greatest number of visitors.

You can also play with the choice of the date. The beaches of southern Spain, for example, tend to be busiest from May to the end of September.


This is another of the factors that you should take into account. We all know that the beaches of Tarifa are known for strong gusts of wind, but the rest of the Spanish coast is not exempt. There are applications and websites that offer an extended weather forecast and with which you can predict the direction and force with which it will blow on your wedding day.

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Even so, we must not forget that in areas of the strait the air flow can change suddenly, so it is important to provide adequate furniture for your ceremony: if your altar has fabrics, you must make sure that they are anchored and distributed correctly, to avoid constant shaking or the candle effect; Likewise, we recommend not choosing, in case of strong winds, flower arrangements in vases that are too high, but if you decide on this style of decoration, make sure that the container contains enough weight to prevent it from falling easily.

The possibility of rain:

It is unlikely that it will rain in summer, but not impossible. If you are clear that plan B for your ceremony is not an option, and that you want to get married outdoors, without tents and with a clear sky, we recommend choosing a date in June, July or August. Although there are certain areas, such as Marbella or Estepona, whose microclimate allows the season of low rainfall to be extended for a few more months.

If, on the other hand, the rainfall would not be a nuisance to your wedding on the beach, we propose some solutions to make the downpour more bearable: in case there are doubts about the possibility of rain on your wedding day, always plan one tent or insulating cloth structure for the DJ or sound technician (and their equipment). Cover the altar with an insulating and properly decorated structure in which the officiant and the couple can enjoy their ceremony without having to hold an umbrella. As for the rest of the guests, it will depend on the amount of water provided. If it’s just a few drops, maybe it will be enough to offer them nice umbrellas (some are customizable). If, on the other hand, the expected rainfall is more abundant, it will be necessary to cover the area with another insulating structure.

Finally, if you have decided to wait for it to clear, do not forget to have the necessary time for the staff in charge to dry the chairs before the arrival of your guests! And keep in mind that part of the decoration will not be able to be mounted until the rain has stopped.

Excess heat/sun:

It’s your wedding day, it’s sunny, it’s not windy, nothing can go wrong … but how hot! It can happen, yes. Perhaps this meteorological factor is the one that presents the simplest solution: custom umbrellas, hats, handheld fans with sprayer, fans, etc. There are countless details that you can offer your guests as souvenirs, and at the same time they will be useful during your wedding.

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Another advisable idea is to offer a bottle of fresh water as a welcome. This bottle can be personalized with a label specially designed for the occasion.

There is also the possibility of installing fabric structures that generate shade, either over the ceremony or the reception.

The shoes:

Although we all like to surprise on our wedding day, it is important that your guests know what to expect. If you do not want to completely reveal the mystery, you can advise a dress code in the invitation: flat shoes, wedges or avoid heels.

If you want your guests to be able to wear the shoes they want and still not get stuck in the sand, we also have the possibility of installing a large rigid carpet or a platform that covers the entire ceremony area.

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The furniture:

Just like heels sink, chair legs sink. A Tiffany type chair may not be the most suitable for a beach ceremony, especially when we talk about Spanish beaches where the sand is thick and not very compact. For this, we recommend folding scissor chairs, available in different colors and designs.

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If you have decided to organize the ceremony on the public beach, that is, in an area of ​​the coast that does not belong to a restaurant or Chiringuito under a license, keep in mind that it will be necessary to request a permit from the City Council or the Autonomous Administration.

The resolution of this request, depending on the community, can take months, so we recommend doing it as soon as possible. In addition, some governments systematically deny these requests, so that the sooner you have the answer, the sooner you can start thinking about a plan B in case it is negative.


Last but not least, it is essential that you take into account the space in which you are getting married. This is applicable anywhere, but perhaps on the beach, where objects can more easily be «dropped» and hidden under the sand.

Here are some recommendations so that your ceremony does not leave anything on the beach but a beautiful memory:

· Provide someone in charge of collecting any debris that may have fallen by accident.
· Place pretty wastebaskets somewhere visible enough so your guests won’t lose sight of it, and not too much so that it spoils the photo. You can accompany it with a friendly message.
· Avoid the use of plastic confetti to celebrate the «Yes, I do», and replace it with 100% biodegradable materials or others, such as soap bubbles.

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However, remember that if the sea is meaningful to you, if you feel identified with the waves, the smell of the sea, the salt water … If the beach is part of who you are, this will undoubtedly be the best setting for you unite your lives forever.

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