Vows Events Planning puts at your disposal a portfolio of hostesses with great influence on the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande and Gibraltar. 
Although we often find hostesses at corporate events, their work adds significant value to any type of celebration. The presence of hostesses during your event will improve the quality of service, make your guests feel welcome and safe, and will help the host to relax and socialize with the attendees without worries. 
But for its work to be effective, it is necessary that the person who performs it has a series of essential qualities: education, patience, good presence, knowledge of different languages, good sense of organization, a quick reaction capacity and a good memory which allows them to remember the name of the most selected guests. Therefore, each of the professionals registered in our portfolio of hostess, have undergone previous scrutiny checking their curriculum, recommendations, interviews and attitude tests. Knowledge of several languages is a prime requirement!
Because each event is different, it is important that the hostesses know their assigned tasks thoroughly, so they will be trained for the occasion, ensuring fluency and success during the course of the event. For example, during an event that includes lunch or dinner, guests’ seats are likely to be assigned strategically. A good hostess will have thoroughly checked the seating plan before the evening begins, and will be able to accommodate each of the guests before the service begins.
Some of the general tasks of a hostess include:
  • Preliminary planning of tasks, needs and possible unexpected problems.
  • Make sure that the seating plan matches the guest list and that everything is in order
  • Welcoming guests.
  • Being the point of information throughout the event for any doubts that may arise.
  • Dismissing clients with courtesy.
  • Guiding them if necessary to the official transportation of the event.
  • Contacting the assigned valet or requesting a taxi if required.
Once we have studied the characteristics of your event, we will put at your disposal the profiles of hostesses that best suit your celebration. Likewise, we will personally take care of providing them with the necessary and specific information on the duties to be performed.


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