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Private parties
Birthdays, anniversaries, events between friends, brunches or any celebration you want to share with certain guests. The private parties will be tailored to the needs and requirements of the host. The possibilities will vary according to your wishes: parties in villas, boats restaurants, clubs; guest lists which do not exceed ten people, others that reach within the hundreds; catering, decoration, special lighting, animators, hostesses, live music, photographers, videographers and anything you can imagine. We design, plan and execute any type of event according to your demands and ensuring that the result is pleasing for both the host and guests. 
Artistic Events
At Vows Events Planning we focus on culture, so we are specialized in the organization of artistic events, such as:
  • Sample and art exhibitions. Vernissages.
  • Art workshops and cultural activities.
  •  Musical events
  • Organization of theatrical performances and art festivals.
  • Fashions shows and showrooms.
Our planning encompasses everything from the design of the event to the promotion and execution of the event. Our staging, including decoration, location, catering, music or audio-visual materials, will depend on the objectives previously developed during the communication strategy. 
Corporate events
The correct organization and planning of a corporate event will be key to achieving the desired results. From presenting or advertising of a product or company, attracting or retaining customers, improving brand image, increasing sales or getting employees involved within the company. Despite the importance of the budget, developing an appropriate strategy will ensure that the act meets its objectives and the messages arrives without doubts or errors to its recipients. 
Seminars, incentives, press conferences, workshops, road shows, open days, inaugurations, business anniversaries, prizes, promotional parties etc. In each case, together with the client, we will develop a briefing in which all the information we require to design each part of the event is captured. 
Our professionals will be in charge of elaborating several proposals, which along with the client company we will agree on the best strategy to carry out.